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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How do I know when I need a new roof?

There are a few indicators that let you know it is time for a roof replacement. If you are seeing increased energy bills, peeling and blistering of paint, shingles that are curled or cracked, or missing shingles, it is likely that you need a new roof. Some of the other signs it's time to replace the roof include: siding decay, discolored plasterboard, deteriorated flashings, granule accumulation in downspouts and gutters, loose seams, stained ceilings and interior walls.

2. How much will a new roof cost?

The pricing of new roofing depends on several factors such as the types of materials chosen, the size of the home, labor rates, the current season, and many more factors. Prices vary greatly and are different for every type of roofing material. You may contact us for a promise-free quote.

3. What should I do if I find mildew on my roof?

Most of the major home improvement stores carry the types of cleaners that can get rid of mildew. These are easily applied to the roof by using a sprayer. Purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for your roof type in order to keep from damaging the roof.

4. Will strong winds damage my roof?

Strong winds and rain can damage the roof. It is very important to check your roof after a major storm for any leaks or missing roofing shingles/tiles.

5. How often should I clean my roof's gutters?

It is best if you clean the gutters twice a year. The best times to clean the gutter are in at the end of summer, and at the end of fall.

6. How long will it take for a roof replacement?

Replacing a roof is a labor intensive task. Based on the roof type, it can take a few days to several weeks. The time needed also depends on the weather. Certain threats like rain, snow, wind, etc. can considerably slow down the replacement process. Proper planning and management can make it easier and faster to replace a roof. Normally, roof removal and replacement can proceed at a rate of 1500 square feet per day. The rate will be closer to 2500 to 4000 square feet if the roofing material is just single ply shingles.

7. What are my available options if I decide to reroof my house?

Basically there are two options: roof replacement or roof recovering. An entire roof replacement is where the old roof is torn off and replaced. The other option is to remove the older roofing materials and replace them with newer ones. If the roof has already been re-covered, it is important to check with us first to make sure that the deck can support another re-cover.

8. Should I completely replace the roof if it leaks?

It is not always necessary to replace the whole roof if there is a leak. The leakage can sometimes be due to loose-fitted flashings or a damaged section of the roof. It may be possible to simply repair one section of the roof in order to stop the leak.

9. Can I do my roofing work myself?

Most of the time, roofing work has to be done by professionals. It is not recommended to do this type of work yourself. We are professionals who are well trained to efficiently and safely replace and repair roofs. Improper roofing procedures and techniques can harm the roof and cause damage to the home. In some cases, homeowners have become severely injured due to unsafe practices. What you can do is to regularly inspect the roof in the spring and fall seasons to see if there are any serious indicators of damages or issues. You should also clean the rain gutters on a regular basis. These are necessary precautions to take to ensure your roof is in good shape.

10. How long will my roof last?

The lifespan of a roof will depend on many factors. For instance the material the roofing is made out of will have a lot to do with its longevity. Roof maintenance and the climate also have a lot to do with how long a roof will actually last.